Trim Trail

Apart from the obvious benefits of exercising in the fresh air - without hefty gym membership fees - the beauty of the Fitness Legacy Zone is that, by its very nature, it can also improve social interaction. Keeping fit in the great outdoors also means the views change with the seasons - unlike the gym 

Using the very latest Smartphone technology, QR codes on each of the individual units can be scanned by user's mobile phones. Video footage is shown of the exercises that can be done on each element and the techniques to be used in executing them. This provides fitness enthusiasts with their very own personal trainer - free of charge!


FLZ Cardio Blast
The Trim Trail is now installed and ready to go!
Don't forget to check out the FLZ Youtube training video
to get the best out of the new equipment.
Click on the pictures below to watch training videos
  Balance Beam
Designed for balance and co-ordination, and range of further exercises
Designed to allow classic hurdle sprints, but can also be used for inline and sideways plyometric jumps or bunny hops. 
  Inline Bars
A twin height parallel bar system designed for upper body strength and conditioning.

  Leg Press
Exercising on the Leg Press increases strength in both the upper and lower legs, whilst toning the abdominal muscles in our bodies.
  Monkey Bars
A multi-exercise unit traditionally for traversing; however the unit can also facilitate pull ups, incline/decline press ups, Triceps' dips, lunges and planks. 

  Space Walker
The Space Walker is excellent for
cardiovascular workout. It's use also develops flexibility and strength in the hips with low impact.

The Skier is designed primarily for a cardiovascular workout. It also helps to improve muscle tone in the legs and arms.