Sensory Gardens

One of the first things to be installed back in 2011, was the Sensory Garden.
Sensory gardens are beautiful areas that concentrates a wide range of sensory experiences. Designed to provide a valuable resource for a wide range of uses, from education to recreation.

We experience everything through our senses and this creates the multi-sensory memories we carry with us. The more senses we engage, the richer the experience and the more we remember. With imaginative sensory design and sensitive attention to detail, a garden becomes a sensory feast.

​The plants in our sensory garden have been carefully selected to create interest all the year round. But there can be no doubt, at the height of summer, the garden is a riot of colour and a haven for butterflies and bees.​

In November 2014, work started on a new, smaller Sensory Garden at the far end of the park.

The new sensory garden provides a relaxing area closer to the senior citizens' homes on Marshaw Place and Stransdale Close.
This corner of the park can get quite squelchy during rainy times. The plants used and the path surface have been carefully selected to thrive in boggy conditions.